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Blue Oyster Ltd is a Company Registered and Trading in Gibraltar

Company Registration Number 106358

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These are Trading names Of Blue Oyster Limited

Blue Oyster Yachts are based in Gibraltar and Sail to and from Barcelona Spain and Antibes.

We are not associated with any other RYA Training Centre in Gibraltar. All Fast Track Training in Gibraltar is undertaken and completed by Blue Oyster Sailing. We do not subcontract any RYA training to third parties in Gibraltar.

MCA Stcw 10 Courses are completed at our MCA Stcw 10 Recognised Training Centre and MCA Stcw 10 Certificates are issued directly to students on completion of the Stcw 10 Course by the MCA Provider.

Blue Oyster Fast Track YachtmasterPLUS Professional Course

Whilst there are many companies who offer Fast Track Yachtmaster, there is only one company that owns the Legal Domain Name and that is Blue Oyster Limited.

Make sure that when you book a Fast Track Yachtmaster Course it includes all of the Professional modules you require for a career at sea, should you choose one. It should include:

RYA Power Boat Level 2, Radar, Diesel, VHF, MCA Stcw 10 BST, and RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore

We offer the choice of Fast Track Yachtmaster and Fast Track YachtmasterPLUS, the latter is essential training if you are looking for a Professional Career at Sea.

For your own Peace of Mind, follow our useful advice. Get as much experience as you can by sailing as far as you can and Experiencing many Different Marinas and Anchorages.

  1. If you are serious about working in our industry, you will need as much experience as you can. You simply can't get it sailing from one marina.

Ask the questions:

Is the School RYA Recognised to give you the experience you need? Talk to the RYA School Principal before you finally commit to your course, the more experience you have of different places the better. Don't be passed to intermediaries for any of your RYA Training. The RYA School should be able to deliver everything you need including tuition in the different locations, in which they are Recognised by the RYA to operate!

  1. Check with The RYA to ensure your choice of school is accredited and RYA Recognised. More than one base shows a commitment to your training experience. We deliver RYA Yacht Training from Barcelona Palamos and Mile Building and Fast Track Courses from Gibraltar and Palamos.

  2. Visit the school if you can. We know this is not always easy or cost effective - alternatively ask for references from current/previous Fast Track Students.

  3. Ask for the Yacht types and equipment you will be using. 48 foot yachts are essential for Fastrack Students for at least some of the course. If the School doesn't possess any larger yachts, how will you gain the big boat experience you need?

  4. Has the School a variety of Yachts, Power Boats, Keel Boats, and a Motor Cruiser for Power - ask the questions relative to the course you are taking.

  5. Don't choose a School that puts all its Fastrack Students on the same boat. 14 weeks is a long time to spend with the same people. You won't learn and your management and skippering skills will suffer as you all second guess each other and inevitably fall out.

  6. Think about how you will pay for your course and discuss it at the outset. Just like College and University you will be expected to show some commitment to the course. Choose a reputable School with a UK Bank Account for your own financial peace of mind. Never Pay in Cash. Credit cards carry penalties but may not be the most suitable method. Always ask for a receipt for the course you are completing.

During your course

  1. Check the yachts you are sailing on and the Skippers you are sailing with are all correctly coded and qualified for the use they are undertaking.

  2. Ensure your course is being delivered to the aims and objectives you agreed with them prior to it starting. You should receive regular debriefs and any concerns you have should be dealt with promptly.

  3. If you have problems that can't be resolved by the Principal of the School then contact the RYA Training Department Directly.


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RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore from 7 to 14 weeks full board

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