RYA/MCA Exams with Commercial Endorsements including Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR) Course

If you have the following pre-qualifying experience you can take your Yachtmaster Offshore Assessment and Coastal Skipper Offshore Assessment with us in Barcelona or Gibraltar

These Qualifications allow you to work in the Industry Blue Oyster RYA Yachtmaster Charles

RYA examiners regularly assess RYA Yachtmasters and RYA Coastal Skippers for both Certificates of Competence and Commercial Endorsements. The pre-qualifying experience for Yachtmaster candidates is as follows;

  • • Sailed 2500 miles in the last 10 years
  • • Half in Tidal waters (so 1250 must have been sailed in Tide)
  • • Completed 5 times 60 mile passages, 2 as Skipper and 2 at night (Tidal or Non-Tidal)
  • • Spent 50 days on board (not consecutively)
  • • Hold a recognised VHF Licence
  • • Hold a recognised first aid qualification RYA First Aid or STCW95

Valid First Aid Certificates April 1st 2013

Acceptable First Aid Certificates RYA First Aid, STCW Elementary First Aid, St Johns Ambulance Activity First Aid, STCW Medical First Aid Course, STCW Medical Care on board Ship, STCW First Aid At Sea, First Aid at Work - HSE Approved, UK Red Cross, First Aid for teachers, First aid for sports, General First Aid, Practical First Aid, Austrian Red Cross (1 day or more) New Zealand Red Cross (1 day or more) French Red Cross (1 day or more) American Red Cross (1 day or more) Australian Red Cross (1 day or more) The German Red Cross two-day First Aid course, Wilderness First Responder, Outdoor Emergency Care Technician – National Ski Patrol, Sea Fish First Aid, Emergency First Aid – HSE Approved, Escola Nautica Llevant Blau, Outdoor Emergency First Aid - British Association of Ski Patrolers, Metropolitan Police (Emergency Life Support and Officer Safety Training) Please note:  All certificates must have been issued within the last 3 years. The only exception is STCW, which is accepted up to 5 years when using for a Commercial Endorsement or examination.  Medical Doctors, Dental Practitioner and Paramedics, who are both registered and practicing in the UK may be exempt from taking a First Aid course providing they are fully aware of current 1st aid practices. They will need to submit a letter confirming this and a copy of registration to practice in the UK. Students must ensure their First Aid Certificate is Approved, Valid and Indate.

In addition For Commercial Endorsements You Must Converse in English. Maritime English Language Training is available if required.

  • • Hold a valid Sea Survival Certificate STCW95 or RYA Basic Sea Survival
  • • Hold a valid Medical Certificate ENG 1/ML 5 & Certificate for Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR) Course

If you don’t have enough Tidal miles don’t worry, we regularly run Tidal Mile-Building trips so just ask us for the next mile-building sailing adventure. We also offer 60-mile passages as Skipper or Crew, by day and night.

  • • RYA Yachtmaster Preparation and Examination
  • • Mile building
  • • 60 mile Passages
  • • Pre-qualifying Courses
  • • RYA VHF
  • • RYA First Aid
  • • RYA Sea Survival
  • • RYA Radar

We have trained Professional Yachtmasters from many diverse backgrounds and knowledge bases, and helped Yachtmasters from countries such as Argentina, Italy, Spain, France and Germany to successfully convert to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore. Contact us for information and booking a berth or course.

Blue Oyster Sailing (PPR) Professional Practices and Responsibilities Course

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