Mile Build Gibraltar to Melilla SY Dogstar arrives after 182nm Passage well done to all aboard

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BOS MelillaBOS Melilla 6BOS Melilla 2BOS Melilla 3BOS Melilla 4

Arrived today in Mellila a Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa. Mellila and Ceuta are two permanently inhabited cities on the mainland of Africa. The passage covered 182 sailed miles. Mile Building and RYA Courses from Queensway Quay Gibraltar contact us here for course information.

Blue Oyster Yachts are sailing today north of Barcelona and Mile Building Gibraltar to Melille

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BOS March 18BOS March 18 1BOS March 18 10BOS March 18 11BOS March 18 13BOS March 18 2BOS March 19 12BOS March 18 20BOS March 18 21BOS March 18 7BOS March 18 14

Mile building aboard our 48 foot yacht this week passage making tonight from Gibraltar to Melille Alex, Hamish, Michiel, and Alex number 2 welcome week 1 of Fast Track (photo above in the galley of Dogstar). You can follow their progress here just search Dogstar. To the north of Barcelona 600 miles away and finishing their RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Training Shanyl, Jez, Martin and Iain. Our weekly training program or Fast Track Courses start every week email here for full details.

Charter without Skipper from Majorca and Barcelona - Charter Fleet Hanse 415 455 505 575

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Hanse 415 blogHanse 455 BlogHanse 505 BlogHanse 575 Blog

We have added 8 New Yachts to our Charter Fleet this year all new from 2017. See the full specifications of these yachts on our charter page here. Available now from Barcelona Bases then Majorca from April to October. Sail Bare Boat on these superb yachts or hire one of our RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Skippers. Email to request a brochure or make a reservation.

Barcelona Costa Brava Bases had sunshine strong winds and snow - but it was sunny here!

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Barcelona Bases March 2018Barcelona Bases March 2018 1Barcelona Bases March 2018 2Barcelona Bases March 2018 3Barcelona Bases March 2018 4Barcelona Bases March 2018 5Barcelona Bases March 2018 6Barcelona Bases March 2018 7Barcelona Bases March 2018 9Barcelona Bases March 2018 10

Sailing north of Barcelona from Palamos and L'Escala trying to escape the worst of the weather we experienced strong winds, sunshine, heavy rain and we didn't escape the snow! Not as much as many other places but all the students aboard can claim to have completed a RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper Course in Spain in the snow. Congratulations to Juri, Vytaute and Romain who managed inadvertently to miss the worst of the UK weather by sailing here! New BOS Skipper Dan lent a hand in the strong conditions. In the classroom completing their RYA Coastal Skipper Shorebased Theory Course Iain and Michiel. Jez and Shanyl returned from Gibraltar and worked through PPR Courses and began Passage Planning for their YM Offshore Assessments. New Charter Yachts 2018. We have added a new fleet of charter yachts and BOS Hanse 575 visited Palamos this week. The charter fleet is based in Barcelona during the winter Majorca from April 1st. Hanse 415 x 2, Hanse 455 x 2, Hanse 505 x 2, Hanse 575 x 2. Details will be published shortly. For information on RYA Courses, sailing holidays and yacht charters email here.

Gibraltar RYA Competent Crew and RYA Day Skipper Course March 2018 +34 629 881 923

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Gibraltar BOS March 2018Gibraltar BOS March 2018 2Gibraltar BOS March 2018 3Gibraltar BOS March 2018 4Gibraltar BOS March 2018 5

Well done to all the students sailing at our Gibraltar base this week Paul and Wife, Alex, Hamish, Jez successfully completing RYA Day Skipper and RYA Competent Crew Courses under the supervision of RYA Instructor Chris. Strong winds Thursday and Friday challenged all but the weather has improved today for our mile building this week. One last berth remains if anyone is available to arrive Gibraltar Sunday night. Tariff for the week 7 days £695 fully inclusive start and finish Gibraltar. Email here for further information.

Blue Oyster RYA Coastal Skipper RYA Day Skipper Fast Track Courses + Mile Building 2018

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courses 1courses 3courses 10courses 11courses 12courses 13courses 15courses 16courses 2courses 4courses 5courses 6courses 7courses 8courses 9

RYA Coastal Skippers Giovanni, Gabriel, Graeme and Iain all successfully passed their Practical Courses with BOS Barcelona this week. Congratulations. Ina, Jez, Hamish, Alex and Shanyl completed their mile building from our Gibraltar base over 3 weeks and covered in excess of 1250 nautical miles. Arthur and Dan passed their Yachtmaster Offshore Assessments from our Barcelona base. Our weekly courses start every Monday board on a Sunday, for Fast Track Courses, RYA Fast Track Day Skipper, RYA Fast Track Yachtmaster Coastal, RYA Half Track Yachtmaster and our 14/15/17 Week Fast Track Courses you can join our continuous training program from Barcelona and Costa Brava Bases in Spain or Gibraltar on any day subject to availability. Email BOS here for Course Information. You can sail in each of these great locations with a combined course for the price of a low cost transfer Barcelona Costa Brava, Balearic Islands, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal.

Catamaran Training with BOS Mile Building in The Atlantic and New Majorca Flotilla Sailing

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Feb 11th 2018Feb 11th 2018 2Feb 11th 2018 3

Three of our Yachts are sailing this week from Barcelona bases and Gibraltar. Our Mile Building Yacht Dogstar has spent the week sailing from Gibraltar with Alex, Jez, Hamish and Shanyl visiting Marina Del Este and Duquesa. Tonight we pick up Ina from Gibraltar and head for Melille Spanish Morocco. Catamaran Ginesta with James and Partner aboard is in week two of his Catamaran Training with Catamaran Instructor Steve heading north from Palamos towards the Bay of Rosas and the French Spanish Border. Fast Track Students Tai, Arthur and Dan are getting ready for their RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Assessments end of the week. Radley joins tonight for a week of RYA Competent Crew and Iain rejoins for 5 weeks of BOS Yachtmaster Training. Join our new Majorca Flotilla departing Barcelona in April singles, couples, mile builders all welcome. You can Skipper your own yacht or join a yacht with one of our Skipper/Instructors. Majorca Flotilla Holiday details from Barcelona are available here.

February 6th 2018 onwards 6 weeks Gibraltar Tidal Atlantic Mile Building and YM Passages

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Mile Build GibraltarMile Build Gibraltar 1Mile Build Gibraltar 2Mile Build Gibraltar 3Mile Build Gibraltar 4 Mile Build Gibraltar 5

Gibraltar Mile Building. From February 6th 2018 we are running continuous Tidal Mile Building and RYA/MCA Qualifying Passage Training weeks from our base in Queensway Quay Gibraltar. The tariff fully inclusive for 5 days aboard is £595 Sterling or €775 Euro. To join our RYA Instructor aboard SY Dogstar contact us here. Sailing area Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal, Atlantic Coast of Spain and Mediterranean area of Alboran Sea to Malaga. For BOS RYA Courses in Gibraltar email here all courses start every Monday board on Sundays disembark 1600 Fridays. You can also complete all Tidal RYA Courses from our Barcelona bases in 2018. Need a 600 mile passage? Register your interest here Gibraltar to Barcelona.

Fully Inclusive Courses Antibes MCA Stcw 10 BST Fast Track BOS Students January 2018

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Antibes Stcw 10Antibes Stcw 10 BOS JanuaryAntibes First Aid BOSAntibes Stcw 10 BOSAntibes Stcw 10 January 2018Antibes Stcw 10 January 2018 BOS

Blue Oyster Sailing MCA Stcw 10 Dan, Shanyl, and Arthur all successfully completed their BOS MCA Stcw 10 Training in Antibes this week as part of their BOS Fast Track Courses. Our next RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Assessments are on 18th January 2018. Further details email here. BOS Fast Track fully inclusive RYA/MCA Courses Barcelona Bases and Gibraltar.

January 2018 Fast Track and Weekly RYA BOS Courses from our Barcelona bases in Spain

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Cruising with BOSCruising with BOS 4Cruising with BOS 5Cruising with BOS 9Cruising with BOS 7Cruising with BOS 13Cruising with BOS 10Cruising with BOS 2Cruising with BOS 3Cruising with BOS 6Cruising with BOS 8

January 2018 saw a very busy start to the year with all of our RYA Courses starting every Monday. Throughout the month David (below 4th from left) successfuly completed his RYA Coastal Skipper Combined Course alongside Katie top left who completed her RYA Day Skipper Combined Course. Jez joined us to start his Fast Track Yachtmaster Course with Hamish, Dan, Arthur, Tai, Iain, and Shanyl. Duncan Pell returned for the month to pass on his shore based theory knowledge to all of the above. A warm welcome to Chris (4th right above with Concilia, Charlotte and Hamish) returning to BOS as RYA Cruising Instructor, alongside Steve, Charlie, Susie, Rob and Graham. Join BOS this year for RYA Courses, Family Sailing Holidays and of course our Fast Track Yachtmaster Professional and Gap Year Courses. Email here for further course details.

Hi Susie

Thanks again to you all for a very enjoyable Coastal Skipper course in January.

I was just hoping to follow up with you about your friend with the Hallberg-Rassy who was looking for crew for the ARC this year. I’d be very keen to get involved as I will be on my seasonal break from work over this period and would love to get some more sailing in. If he wants to know some details, I’m a 37 year old pilot and keen to get some transatlantic experience. I’m a good cook and, once upon a time, I was a qualified doctor (and I am a first aid instructor at the moment). Although I haven’t practiced medicine for about 11 years, should something go wrong mid Atlantic, I may have a better chance of providing some medical assistance. All the best to Mark, Steve and Duncan. Thanks again for a great time. Hope the lads are getting on well with their Yachtmaster training.

All the best David (photo below top row 4th from left).* 'We have put David in touch with our ARC colleague.'*

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