Fast Track Yachtmaster
14 weeks with full board, food & accommodation for the duration and includes RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2 plus Personal Watercraft (PWC) training
From £7,495

MCA Master of Yachts
Fastrack Yachtmaster

Master of Yachts
Fast Track Sailing & Intensive Sailing Courses – France, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal Morocco & The Canary Islands. RYA/MCA Professional Sail Training in the Atlantic, sailing in Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal & the Canary Islands

Fastrack Yachtmaster is a 14 to 15 week live aboard course, it can also be modular, to fit in with your own lifestyle. The options and prices below refer only to 14 week Fast track Yachtmaster. We also run a Yachtmaster Halftrack course (£4,250) for those with suitable experience either from novice to RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal or RYA Coastal Skipper to RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore. Please call us to discuss either option.
Fast Track Sailing Courses start every week throughout the year from two exciting locations: Gibraltar and Barcelona.
If you’re looking for a career in the sailing industry or a gap year adventure leading to Professional Sailing qualifications or simply taking a well-earned break, we will teach and refine your skills and when you’re ready, organise examinations for RYA / MCA qualifications: the minimum requirement for a Yacht Skipper working in the industry.

Before the Fastrack Yachtmaster exam...
Prior to the Fastrack Yachtmaster exam we will ensure you have achieved a minimum of 2,500 sea miles at least half of which will be tidal. In reality you will log considerably more! Quality miles and expert tuition.

Experience the difference!
• Two base sailing Gibraltar and Barcelona Spain
• Don't get stuck in the same marina for months on end!
• Minimum of 2,500 sea miles
• Visit many different Marinas and Anchorages
• Maximum 5 to a yacht
• Visiting France, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco and Portugal
• Excellent shore-based facilities, classrooms, pools and restaurants
• Exam fees included
• Full range of modern yachts
• Big boat handling on 48 foot yachts
• RYA Powerboat level 1 and 2
• RYA Safety Boat
• RYA PWC proficiency certificate
• Courses start every week, so no long waits to fulfil your dream
• Professional sailing on modern safe yachts in a warm and exciting sailing area. Enjoy sailing Experience the difference with Blue Oyster Sailings Fast Track Academy!

RYA/MCA Commercial Endorsements
To commercially endorse your licence you will need to take a medical from your GP in the UK or an approved MCA Doctor overseas, it is recommended that you undertake an MCA medical examination prior to the course in order for you to do your final Yachtmaster examination... Contact us for details.

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Certificates with Commercial Endorsement and additional options for Cruising Instructor and RYA/MCA Ocean Yachtmaster unlimited.
Power conversions are available.

Fastrack Yachtmaster Course
The course includes:
• 14 weeks full board
• DSC VHF course
• Yacht Maintenance
• Sail care and repair
• Knots and Splicing
• Sail Trimming
• RYA Sea Survival
• RYA First Aid
• RYA Diesel engine course
• STCW 95 Firefighting *
• STCW 95 Elementary First Aid *
• STCW 95 Personal Safety and Sea Survival *
• STCW 95 GMDSS Radio *
• Weather course
• Rigging and tuning
• And all RYA courses, quality mileage, and skippered passages required for MCA Yachtmaster and all exam fees

* if required RYA Yachtmaster PLUS with STCW 95 - additional costs apply

Fast track Yachtmaster Programme
If you put in the study hours both on and off the water you can achieve the coveted Yachtmaster qualification, known and respected throughout the world.

Course requirements
Fast Trackers – you should come with your own life jacket and harness, waterproofs, deck shoes, Breton / Portland plotter or similar, dividers, notepads and pencils. Please phone for advice before purchasing expensive items. Don’t travel with Dividers in hand luggage.
The first month is your introduction to the Fastrack Yachtmaster course, introduction to the base, and all aspects of safety.
Our RYA/MCA instructors will spend the first few weeks teaching you all aspects of the RYA Competent Crew Course, RYA Day Skipper Practical and RYA Day Skipper Theory. Sailing from Gibraltar or Barcelona with its excellent study and recreational facilities you will learn how to control and command the yacht in a variety of different situations.
Month one - Competent Crew to Day Skipper
• Excellent Classrooms, recreational facilities, and superb outdoor pool and beaches
• Visit Morocco, Portugal, Spain

Weekends are spent working, RYA VHF, RYA First Aid and RYA Diesel Engine Courses - all of which need to be completed prior to your Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper qualification.

RYA Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper Theory Courses
One week's study for your RYA Coastal Skipper Theory certificate, there will be tense moments, but our instructors are there 24/7 to help you reach the required standard; hard work but the challenge is worth it. We will give you as much time and help as necessary. You will make it our pass rate for Fast Track Yachtmaster is 100%

Milebuilding Gibraltar
Our Milebuilding Courses are intensive but enjoyable. Combining Skippered qualifying passages, and all the Tidal miles required to bring your skill levels to those required of the RYA/MCA. In Gibraltar you will continue with your sail training, close quarter yacht handling under power and sail, handling the yacht in extreme conditions and learning to manage your crew.

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Prep and Assessment
All students are finally ready to be prepared for the Yachtmaster Exam. The final few weeks will be intense, focusing on the weaker points to ensure you are well above the standard required. Now we are coaching you individually, those with perhaps a little prior sailing experience will be encouraged to sit the exam sooner, other students will benefit from one-to-one coaching. And finally the Big Day!
Following your successful Yachtmaster exam you can apply to undertake the Cruising Instructor two-week course. This will qualify you to teach up to Day Skipper level at an RYA approved Sea School anywhere in the World.

Also available - Fastrack Yachtmaster Plus

You may also progress on to Yachtmaster Ocean
The above is an outline of the course and is subject to change; with your commitment and your Spirit of Independence we will empower you with the skills to become a first class Yachtmaster.

Experience The Difference
No One Sails Further For Your Sail Training
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